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We since 2010 as an Electrical Installation Services of PT. Bima Utama Success independently
PT. PLN (PERSERO), we are engaged in the Field of Electricity, Mechanical, Engineering & Contracting.
we have equipment and a workforce that is responsible for you to rely on. The work that we handle is like:
Build low, medium or low voltage power lines for underground, residential, apartment, real estate, buildings, government and non-government.
We provide customer services for new installation, addition of electric power and issuance of certificates of operation acceptance (SLO) and installation of electrical installations quickly, neatly, professionally, and guaranteed.
New Electrical Installation Requirements:
- Photocopy of Owner or Applicant's ID card
- The complete address to be installed (RT, RW, kelurahan, kecamatan, kota)
Power Requirements:
- Photocopy of KTP.
- Electricity account / customer ID / No. Meters.
Services for Strengthening New Pairs, Adding Electric Power and Issuance / Extension of Operational Eligibility Certificates (SLO) for JABODETABEK Region and All Regions of INDONESIA.

- Residentialhome
- housing
- Boarding house
- building
- office
- Shophouse
- gas station
- restaurant
- Mini Market
- School

- House ofworship
- Hospital
- University
- Mall
- warehouse
- Factory
- industry
- Bilboard
- hotel
- And others.

900 VA power package
For the new 900 VA power connector you will get:
- Electricity with prepaid kwh (token) of 900 VA
- You have obtained 900 VA of SLO (Certificate of Eligible Operation)
1300 VA power package
For the new 1300 VA power connector you will get:
- Electricity with prepaid kwh (token) of 1300 VA power
- You have received the SLO (Certificate of Eligible Operation) power of 1300 VA.
2200 VA Power Package
For the new 2200 VA power connector you will get:
- Electricity with prepaid kwh (token) of 2200 VA
- You have received a 2200 VA SLO (Certificate of Eligible Operation) power


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