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SLB200 series is an innovative pedestrian control technology that designed to achieve best balance of quality, performance and affordability. SLB200 series provide a combination of reliable mechanical as well as electronic retriction for unauthorized visitor while still maintain a welcoming atmosphere. High door panel design prohibit attempt to climb over. Access control and time attendance reader can be integrated into sliding barrier. SLB200 series is ideal indoor solution for lift lobby of commercial, industrial or government building. Elegant arc design and detailed hair line polishing effectively elleviate prestigious feeling of your building entrance.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Temperature Operating voltage Power supply input Power consumption Humidity Optimal traffic rate Motor type 15° to 60C DC 24V 220V ± 10% AC, 50 / 60Hz 30 watt 0 to 95% 20 to 30 people per min Brushless DC servo motor

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