Rs 616-8 Swing Barrier Model

Rp. 90,000,000
Last Updated
14 Feb 2022
Minimum Order
1 2 line (2 single+1 double) wing

Specification of Rs 616-8 Swing Barrier Model

DC Motor Swing Barriers Door Description:

This series of
turnstile(Automatic Swing Turnstile) undertake the distinctive expertise
of our company---the precise photograph electricity limit and gear to
orient the closure. The Security Swing Turnstile be unlocked and reset
due to the particular motor. The closure could be very exact and stable.
This series of turnstiles adopt a standard electrical energy socket.
It(Face Reader Swing Turnstile Gate) can read increase code card, ID
card, IC card, and so on.

There's a collection of
turnstiles(Swing Gates). You'll be able to choose the item and specification. They can be utilized in class, metro and chamber, and so
forth. This collection is of very excessive tech. So as lo guarantee
it(Wing Barrier) can run safely, please fastidiously read this instruction!

Product(SUS304 Swing Barriers) Perform:

- Alarm performs:

arms are pushed by drive illegally, the alarm will likely be triggered
routinely and arms will probably be set locked. Swing Turnstile can
verify by itself when it is have a downside, it is good for customers to
take care of and use.

-Anti-pinch performance:

turnstile has Mechanical/ infrared induction Anti-pinch features( when it is
meet the hinder during the reset time, the electrical machine closed
work robotically in the specified time, the turnstile will default the
delayed and reset once more till reset succeed).

- Flashing light prompt perform:

it is handy to find the turnstile downside by administrative workers.

Commonplace options of Swing Turnstile Door

Swing Turnstile Door is integrating with the kindergarten system to ensure kids' security.

Guests who enter and exit the Swing Turnstile Gate need to indicate the authorization device, like IC/ID card, barcode paper.

who enter and exit the Swing Turnstiles Gate will probably take footage
as proof, parents will know when and who decide up the youngsters.

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