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Gold hunter Pro pinpointing metal detector
Gold hunter Pro pinpointing metal detector
Gold hunter Pro pinpointing metal detector
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28 Oct 2019
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Specification of Gold hunter Pro pinpointing metal detector

Quick Details

The Gold Hunter Gold Detector PRO-POINTER is deal for the recovery of small items in a wide variety of hunting conditions. You will find the Gold Detector PRO-POINTER to be an indispensable tool to:

* Speed target recovery
* Accurately find small objects
* Prevent digging large holes
* Identify multiple objects in near proximity
* Search in tight interior areas(walls,ceilings)
* Serve as a utility pinpointer for locating metal pipes,conduit,rebar,etc.

 * Mode Change

The Gold Hunter Pro-pointer has three alert models, Audio or Vibrate or Audio-plus-Vibrate.
Press the Mode switch button for 1 seconds, A short warning tone will be heard.
The device will switch from the audio mode to the vibration mode.
When pressed and held again, it will switch to the audio and vibration mode.
If pressed again, it will revert back to the audio mode.
A short warning tone will be heard with each mode change.

The Gold Hunter Pointer will start at the same setting the next time you start up the device.

* Sensitivity Setting

Auto-tuning, without adjustment.

* Detection Tip

The Gold Hunter Pointer's detection area is between the tip and the hand grip. The coil provides 360° detection. This helps you to locate targets quickly and easily in the hole. If you hold the device horizontally, you can scan a larger area. This allows you to cover a broader area to quickly reach your target.

* Coil Interference Blocking

When it is switched off, it disconnects the coil's magnetic transmission and eliminates interference with another metal detector. This also prevents the device from being detected as a target.

* Auto-Off Feature

After twenty minutes warning chirps, the Gold Hunter Pro-Pointer will power off automatically.

When a target is detected, Gold Hunter Pointer will produce an audio and/or vibration alert. The rate of the pulsing audio or vibrations will increase as it gets closer to the target and it will decrease as it is moved away.  

 * Scraping Blade

This rugged edge is ideal for sifting through dirt while searching for the target. The Gold Hunter gold detector Pro-Pointer's 360º-side-scan detection allows the detector to alarm when the blade is passed in close proximity to a metallic target.

* Lanyard Attachment Clip

Use to attach the Gold Hunter gold detector Pro-Pointer to your belt, digging pouch or your detector (if desired).

* Holster

Secure to any standard size belt. A metal snap within the holster will cause the pinpointer to alarm  if put away while powered on.

* Low Battery Alarm

When the battery becomes low, the detector will alarm. Replace the 9V battery as soon as possible.

* Battery Replacement

Simply rotate the battery cover counterclockwise to remove and clockwise to tighten by hand. To properly install the 9V battery, match the larger battery terminal to the larger opening in the compartment. Remove the battery when the unit is to be stored more than 30 days.

* Accessories

Belt Holster
Lanyard Attachment Clip


Model                      GOLD HUNTER PINPOINTER
Frequency                  12 kHz
Temperature range        5° to 158°F (-15° to +70°C)
Search modes              All Metal non-motion
Target indication          Beeper, vibrate (selectable)
Target response            Proportional
Weight                      6.5 oz / 185g   
Length                      10 inches / 25cm
Batteries                    9V, alkaline or better
Battery lire                 20 hours tvoiral  
Warranty                   1years

 Battery & Charger are not included, please buy 9V battery in your local shop.

Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut, silahkan download PDF ini :



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